Record of Meetings held in the Palace of Westminster



After a year of quietness, a Forum meeting will be held on
Wednesday, September 7th, between 6pm and 9pm
in Committee Room G at the House of Lords
- using Blackrods Entrance at the opposite end to Big Ben.
The trigger and speaker is Aubrey Meyer who has brought unprecedented attention to the necessity for actions on climate change through his Global Commons Institute and his framework "Contraction & Convergence". Aubrey is one of the few experts on climate change who realizes that we cannot create a sustainable environment with an unsustainable system of currencies and financial practices.
The evening will therefore highlight the connections to underpin the urgency with which we all should approach this global challenge. Looking forward to see you on September 7th,

Organiser, Forum for Stable Currencies


Initial report of the FSC Meeting held on September 7th 2005

Press the "pause" button on your usual pattern of thought! Consider that now we know what lies ahead for Titanic Earth UNLESS . . . .

This was the sombre message that surfaced for those who could attend the FSC meeting on Wednesday last. The warning and the development of the UNLESSù. lies in grasping the significance of the document we each held as we listened with fascination to Aubrey Meyer and then Sabine McNeill explain its title "The Money Fuse of the Climate Bomb" - "Contraction and Convergence"‚ correcting the "Expansion and Divergence" driving dangerous climate change.

• UNLESS .we can master both - the ability not to shirk the extreme urgency of action required by each and every one - and - the sensitivity to be patient with each other as we seek the courage and clarity to help each other begin where each one of us can begin. A refrain 'we must learn to die laughing' helped to reiterate the importance of this balance, if panic and/or willful myopia are not to be generated. Quoting from the Guardian Thursday 8th. "We have to avoid hysteria and its by-product fatalism and indifference" . .

• UNLESS we understand the lock-on to each other of the monstrous threats of the USURY effect and galloping CLIMATE CHANGE (illustrated again and again in the riveting graphs the document presents and Aubrey interpreted with his own passion coupled with compassion for all of us who must grasp the message and convey it intelligently to others),


• UNLESS we can couple C & C and S & S and act to effect both.

• UNLESS we work in this way for the pre-distribution of the Global Commons by appropriate instruments in all our social, economic and political structures.

Aubrey concluded, at the end of a lengthy question and discussion period, with the plea that everyone should work to understand the issues involved and then to pass the information on to others and in particularly take the subject up with their Member of Parliament.

Sabine's PowerPoint slides which could not be shown on the night are now on which links to on A fuller report will follow. Comments from those attending that contribute key points to a fuller report would be welcome.

Be open to the spirit,
exude humble strength,
celebrate life emergent, and
find the promise of journeying