CCMJ Mid-Year Report: July 2010

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Greetings members and associates !

It was great to see so many of you at our 2009 AGM in October last year, and very encouraging to see your resolve to continue our identity as the CCMJ, in open association with our friends of good faith and good cause. As you know, the Christian Council for Monetary Justice is in large part formed around the core principles set out so eloquently in the “First Report of the Christian Doctrine of Wealth Committee of the Congregational Union of Scotland” presented to the Union’s Assembly at Dundee on 10 May, 1962, and known colloquially by monetary reformers around the world as the ‘Dundee Report’.

This report looks at the financial system from the Christian view of our world of abundance: existing and potential; and it wastes no time showing how the debt-based monetary system not only fails to reflect physical facts, but is at odds with our inalienable rights to well-being, and to develop as human beings. The report is very clear that money should be created in such a way as to always reflect the net positive position of the real world we live in (i.e., not with a net negative of debt) and should be supplied so that production is balanced with the consuming (purchasing) power of the community.

The report concludes that the existing debt-finance system (including the debt-based monetary system) is prejudicial to human well-being, has no justification in the nature of things, as it is contrary to reason and justice, and urges that it is our duty to introduce a system free of these failings. It is in this light that we, as advocates for a just monetary system, go forward with good purpose.

This year has been another eventful and fulfilling one. A summary and list of some of the engagements with which the CCMJ is associated, through our associates, is given below:

CCMJ examines how debt based financial matters have induced exponential growth over many decades and lie at the root of the systemic dysfunction now evident on many fronts. The weekly London Global Open Table provides a focus from which we network widely with major innovators in monetary and fiscal reform. CCMJ has therefore played some enabling or energising roles in such ways as are hinted at below, albeit in an inevitably inadequate indication of influence. Reports on other initiatives founded in our conviction that faith is a matter concerning public truth would be gladly received.

Some examples of initiatives currently running:
• Environmental Lawyer Polly Higgins - Trees have rights too - made positive link with Chris Cook and CEJ
• Dave Hampton - Carbon Coach - Peter Challen helped him widen links
• With Coalition for Economic Justice members visited Co-operative Party, The Equality Trust, Respublica, Tax Justice Network, to plan an extension seminar
• Encouraged the development of Call4Reform campaign and the publication of the draft Bank of England (Creation of Currency) Act for publicly created money
• Peace Child International - Ely Cathedral - Chaired Alpha and Omega event
• Wimbledon - Lent Lecture on Exploitation and Exponential Growth
• St. James Piccadilly sermon “Insidious evil in three words” - considerable follow-up
• Global Co-operative Forum - international networking with Bumstead and Chitty
• Supporting events at the Universal Peace Federation - Marsh, Ali
• Major contribution to an experimental seminar between progressive agencies to ensure that Land and Money Reform lie within their principles Associates in CCMJ [some hints in brackets] are presently working to generate a critical mass that can bring attention to Monetary, Fiscal and Land reform with such groups as:
• The School of Economic Science [SES] - Challen, Abel, Smith & Bowman
• The Money Reform Party - Belsey, et al
• Common Good Party - Rodgers, et al
• Christian People's Alliance - May
• Coalition for Economic Justice [CEJ] and Equality Trust - Smith, Bowman, Abel, Challen
• Ministry for Peace - Challen & Harbottle, Diwany, Newman & Keyes
• The Gladstone Club - Challen, Belsey
• Tax Justice Network - Murphy, Christensen, Sikka, Challen, Bowman
• Citizen's Income [CI] - as an aspect of Universal Basic Income [UBI] - Leslie, Palmerton
• Ecumenical Council for Corporate Responsibiity [ECCR] - Livinoff, Challen, Charles, Ninds
• Forum For The Future - Challen, Mellors
• Gandhi Foundation - Harbottle & Challen
• Human Rights Foundation - Challen, Harrison, Charles
• The Royal Society of Arts Living Systems Group - Challen, Conn, Medcalfe
• The Royal Society of Arts networking on the UK Financial System - Challen, Farago
• Muslim/Christian dialogue on the human condition - Shakespeare, Challen, Yearsley, et al
• Mission in London's Economy [MiLE] - Challen, Driscoll, Reindorp, et al
• United Nations Association - UNA - SE region - Challen, Barker
• The Kitchen Table - East London - Challen, Knowles, Driscoll
• Pastoral Theology - economic module on Quantum Theology - Chelmsford - Challen
• World Development Movement [WDM] [Cable] - Challen and Diwany, May
• Lay Readers in Church of England - Yearsley
• Global Co-operative Forum Project [GCF] - Bumstead, Bloom, Burke, Rapp, Challen
• Universal Peace Federation [UPF] - Yaseen, Marsh
• GlobalVision2000 - Yaseen, Challen, Marsh
• Zaccheaus2000 - Nicolson
• Fasting for the Globe with London Islamic Network on the Environment [LINE] - Challen, Hussein, Diwany
• The Moral Maze - Southwark Cathedral November 2009 - Challen and Diwany
• Southwark Diocesan response to employment crisis - Alexander
• Congress of World Faiths - Challen, Marsh, Ali, Braybrooke
• Formation of IMRO - Morrison - seemed to run into the ground
• EcoQuakers Ireland - Weekes
• Compass conference 12/6/10 - 3 reps present among the 1000 - Charles, Dyson and Stamper
• The Finance Lab - contact made with nine new study groups
• Mission to Iceland - Martin, in association with friends

Papers/books submissions of significance in and to the network:
• Prophecy and Recession for MiLE - Challen
• Challenge of faith on finance for The Bible in Transmission - Challen
• Bromsgrove scene setting for annual conference - McConnachie, Challen, Walton, Martin
• Regular correspondence with NZ DSC - Whitmill
• Conference - Fiscal & Monetary Reform as a root of Systemic Change - Smith, Wrigley, CEJ
• A view of Capital as Wealth for Ekklesia - Challen
• The missing link in Inter-faith dialogue and action for Akio Matsumara - Challen
• The financial capture of religion - Hudson
• Martin Hattersley - Canadian contact
• Lawrence Bloom - Laboratories for sector and global change
• Chris Cook - Equity based capital widely disseminated
• Writing and Teaching of Rodney Shakespeare on a Modern Universal Paradigm
• Work on a Universal Basic Income - Field, Leslie, Triggs, CEJ, Palmerton, Abel
• Work on Winstanley by George Heron
• Website for St. James Piccadilly
• Quilligan, “The Commons and Integral Capital” and “People sharing resources”
• Bunzl - “Solving Climate Change - A Noospheric Agreement”
• Ostrom - Nobel Prize - resonant with covenant theology
• Selby - reprint of “Grace and Mortgage - the language of faith and the debt of the world”
• Krugman - Global Petition - 2500 signatures 62% by PhDs
• Weekes - “The Economic Crisis - a Quaker response” Woodbrooke Journal, Spring 2009 [Woodbrooke Quaker Studies Centre, Birmingham]
• “Against Usury - resolving the economic, ecological and welfare crisis” Van De Weyer - Challen
• “Quantum Theology - the Spiritual Impact of New Physics” O'Murchu
• “Integral Vision” - Challen
• “The Corporate and Social Transformation of Money and Banking” (Palgrave Macmillan, out October 2010) - Lietaer, Mouatt, Shakespeare, Challen

In addition, recent developments include the CCMJ and the Global Justice Movement collaboration on the complementarity of monetary reform and land (resources/property) reform (and experimental seminar held on 24 June 2010).

So much of all our activity depends on volunteers and we should be thinking about the future continuity of the organisation and associations, which need resources.

In the midst of so many connections and opportunities for our enabling ministry, one thing we fail to do is to fund-raise. The truth is that CCMJ is very very low on funds, and cannot continue to do its work, certainly not extend it, as the present crisis and its dangers and opportunities enlarge week by week. Unless we’re all willing to stretch beyond our usual capacities and beyond our annual membership dues to CCMJ, so as to make a significant contribution to keep this servant ministry enterprise going, much insight and effort could be wasted. It’s that simple: no money means no staff means no one to carry out co-ordination or implementation of any of the wonderful ideas expressed and developed in our networks. We need your help, and we need it now! We’d like to hire a little part time administrative help, but unless a substantial sum can be raised, we just can't afford to do it. Is there any way you can help? If so, please send a cheque to: CCMJ

c/o Dr. Desmond Cumberland
6 Lancaster Close, Ash Vale, Surrey, GU12 5ST

Go well,
Yours along the pilgrim's way, Peter
Rev. Canon Peter Challen, Chair, CCMJ