Minutes of CCMJ's 2009 AGM


Minutes of the annual general meeting of the Christian Council for Monetary Justice held at Christ Church, the John Marshal Hall, Blackfriars Road, London on Saturday 31 October 2009 at 3-10 pm.

PRESENT: Canon Peter Challen (Chairman), Janos Abel, Kola Abiola, Mike Black, Desmond Cumberland, Charles Dillon, Melvin Durrant, Canon Peter Dominey, Tony May, Frank McManus, Donald and Jane Martin, Simon Mouatt, Sister Dorothy Peart, Bill Powell, George Short, Susan Smith, Jamie Walton, Colin J Whitmill and Ian Yearsley.

APOLOGIES: were received and accepted from Bishop Peter Selby, Bishop Mano Rumalshah and twenty four others.

MINUTES: The minutes of the meeting held on 27 October 2007, having been circulated, were agreed as a correct record, with the inclusion of the name of Ian Yearsley as attending, and adopted ( Colin J Whitmill/Donald Martin )

MATTERS ARISING: Ian Yearsley advised that he had made enquiries regarding transferring the CCMJ account to an Islamic bank, but, in view of the matter on the agenda, had held further developments in abeyance. The option investigated by Naomi Calligaro did not eventuate.


Chairman: Peter Challen said he had listed the large range of engagements and work of which he was aware and named some of those involved in them. He welcomed corrections and additions to the record. The list, a copy of which is attached to the signed minutes, was presented to those attending. Frank McManus moved, Colin J Whitmill seconded and it was agreed that the report be received and the chairman thanked for his energetic work.

Treasurer: Desmond Cumberland presented an auditored report and balance sheet for the year ended 30 June 2008. This showed excess income of 382.69, but with possible liabilities exceeding this sum. The chairman moved, Jamie Walton seconded and it was agreed that the report be accepted.


The chairman vacated the chair and it was taken by the Secretary.
Chairman: Mike Black nominated, Ian Yearsley seconded, Peter Challen for the position. There being no other nominations, the Secretary declared Peter Challen elected whereupon he resumed the chair.
Vice chairman: Donald Martin nominated, Colin J Whitmill seconded, Simon Mouatt for the position. There being no other nominations, Simon Mouatt was declared elected.
Treasurer: Peter Challen nominated, Colin J Whitmill seconded, Desmond Cumberland for the position. There being no other nominations, Desmond Cumberland was declared elected.
Secretary: Donald Martin nominated, Simon Mouatt seconded Jamie Walton for the position. There being no other nominations, Jamie Walton was declared elected. Auditor: Peter Challen moved and Colin J Whitmill seconded the motion that Donald Martin be appointed to the position. This was agreed by the meeting.

NOTICES OF MOTION: Colin J Whitmill moved, Ian Yearley seconded and the meeting agreed that the eleven notices of motion - a copy of which is attached to the signed minutes- be received for debate. Following extensive debate, with the agreed permission of the meeting, Colin J Whitmill withdrew his proposals.

ANY OTHER BUSINESS: Thanks were extended to Eileen for the provision of refreshments.

The meeting closed at 4-05 pm.

2010 AGM October 30th 10-2 in central London